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Mica powder is a very common constituent rock mineral

Mica powder is a very common constituent rock mineral. Its essence is aluminosilicate. Due to the different cations contained, the color of mica is also different.

Mica powder has the following characteristics: Mica powder has a barrier effect on substances, flaky fillers form a basically parallel orientation in the paint film, and water and other corrosive substances are strongly blocked from the penetration of the paint film. In the case of fine mica powder, the penetration time of water and other corrosive substances is generally extended by 3 times.

High-quality superfine mica powder filler is cheaper than resin, so it has more technical value and economic value.

Mica powder can improve the physical and mechanical properties of the paint film. Due to the diameter and thickness of the flaky filler and the aspect ratio of the fibrous filler, the mica powder can strengthen the steel bars like sand in concrete.

Mica powder can improve the anti-wear performance of the paint film. Generally, the hardness of the resin is relatively limited, so the strength of many fillers is not high. However, mica powder is one of the components of granite, and its hardness and mechanical density are relatively large. Mica powder as a filler can improve the wear resistance of the coating.

The insulating properties of mica powder have extremely high electrical resistance, so it is also the best insulating material. It is a compound formed with silicone resin or organic boron resin. When encountering high temperature, it can be converted into a ceramic material with good mechanical strength and insulating properties. Wires and cables made of such insulating materials can still maintain the original insulating state in the event of fire.

Mica powder has the properties of shielding ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. Adding wet-haired ultra-fine mica powder to outdoor coatings can greatly improve the anti-ultraviolet performance of the paint film and delay the aging of the paint film.

Mica powder also has the effect of sound insulation and shock absorption, and can significantly change a series of physical moduli of the material, forming a material to change the viscoelasticity of the material, effectively absorbing shock energy, and weakening shock waves and sound waves.

Post time: May-26-2022