Glory Star


  • High Swelling Rate High Viscosity Naturalsodium Bentonite Calcium Bentonite Powder For Drilling Mud/Coating


    Bentonite clay is a kind of NATURAL clay mineral with montmorillonite as main component, it has property of good cohesiveness, expansibility, adsorption, plasticity, dispersion, lubricity, cation exchange. After exchange with other base, lithium base, it has very strong suspension property. After acidizing it will have excellent decolorizing ability. So it can be made into all kinds of bonding agent, suspending agent, adsorbent, decoloring agent, plasticizer, catalyst, cleaning agent, disinfectant, thickening agent, detergent, washing agent, filler, strengthening agent,et. Its chemical composition is quite stable, so it is crowned as “universal stone”. And Cosmetic Clay grade is just using by bentonite’s whitening, and thickening characters.