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    Phlogopite Mica

    Phlogopite, also called bronze mica, is commonly in yellowish-brown or reddish-brown colors with vitreous luster,  some in greyish-green color. Its cleavage plane has nacreous luster or submetallic luster. Phlogopite is pseudo-hexagonal crystalline or short cylindrical model. Phlogopite has excellent dielectric properties, such as relatively high insulating strength and large electrical resistance, low electrolyte loss, good arc-resistance and corona resistance. As to its excellent tenacity, high mechanical strength, resistance to high temperature and dramatic temperature changes and acid and alkali, phlogopite is widely used in  heat-resistant insulating materials, heavy-duty anti-corrosive coatings, fireproof coatings and refractory materials, and aviation & radio industry.